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To configure quiz assessment settings:

Quiz Assessment Tab 1. Click the Assessment tab.

2. Check the box under Automatic Grade.

Tip: We recommend that you check this box every time you create a new quiz, even if you are not planning to export quiz grades to your D2L grade book. This option controls whether or not participants are able to see the submission view you set up for the quiz.

3. (Optional) Use the Grade Item drop down menu to select the grade item in your D2L grade book associated with this quiz. If you have not yet setup your grade book, you can visit the Grades help pages for information.

4. (Optional) Check the box under Auto Export to Grades. This will automatically push quiz scores to the grade item you selected in step 3.

Image of Assessment Options

5. (Optional) Use the Student View Preview to see how participants will view their grades for this quiz. You can make changes to this view by clicking the down arrow next to it and selecting Edit Display Settings. Make the desired changes. For more information on grades display settings vist Class Display Settings

6. (Optional) You may add a rubric to your quiz if you choose. Do this by clicking the Add Rubric button.

Known Issue: While Rubrics can be attached and used on Quizzes, scores generated within the Rubric do not transfer to the Quiz attempt score. In order to get the Rubric score into the Quiz attempt score you will have to manually enter the score for each user. For more information about manually grading a Quiz attempt visit the Grade by Quiz Attempt help page.

7. When the ePortfolio Artifacts option is selected, students can add the submission view of this quiz to their ePortfolio as a certified artifact. Please click here for addtional information about ePortfolio.

8. Use the Attempts Allowed and the Overall Grade Calculation drop down menus to select the number of times a participant may take the quiz. For more on this option, visit the Set Quiz Attempts page.

Image of Attempts and Overall Grade Calculation Drop Down Menus


9. Click one of the Save options at the bottom of the screen to save your changes:

  • Save and Close: Returns you to the Manage Quizzes screen.
  • Save: Saves and changes and stays on the same screen.

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