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The University of Arizona

Copy Quizzes

To Copy a Quiz:

Copy Quiz button




1. Click the More Actions button, then select Copy from the drop down menu.

Copy Quiz page2. From the Quiz to Copy drop down menu select the quiz you would like to copy FROM.

3. The New Quiz Name field will auto-populate with the "Copy of" and the source quiz name. If you would like to rename the quiz, do so in this field.

4. From the New Quiz Status menu set the quiz as either Active or Inactive.

5. Check the Edit Quiz after copy completes box if you would like to be taken directly to the Edit Quiz screen of the copied quiz.

6. Click the Save button

Tip: For step 4, set the quiz to Active if you want to make the quiz available to participants based on the date restrictions in place. If you prefer to keep the quiz invisible to participants set the quiz to Inactive. If you choose to set the quiz to Active, make sure to correct any date restrictions within the copied quiz. If you choose to set the quiz to Inactive, you will need to manually activate the quiz  through the Quiz restrictions page when you want it to become available to participants. For more information about quiz restrictions, visit the Quiz Restrictions help page.