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The University of Arizona

Quiz Categories

Quiz Categories can be a useful way to organize your quizzes. For example, if you plan to administer small weekly quizzes as well as a Midterm exam and a Final exam you could create a  'Weekly Quizzes' category and place the corresponding quizzes within it, then create an 'Exams' Category and place the Midterm and Final within that category.

To configure Quiz Categories:

Edit Categories button



1. Click the Edit Categories button.

From within the Edit Categories page you will have the following options:

Add Category Button


2. Determine the number of Quiz Categories you want to have and click the Add Category button that number of times.

For example: If you need 4 categories, click the Add Category button four times.

Edit Categories page3. Type a name for the each category in the Name field of each category.

4. Enter a number for each category in the Sort Order column that reflects the order you would like categories to appear relative to each other.

5. If you need to delete a category place a checkmark next to each category you want to delete, then click the blue trash can icon.

Delete Category confirmation windowOn the Confirmation page that opens click the Yes button to confirm the deletion.

Edit Categories Save buttons6. When finished, click the Save button to save and remain within the Edit Categories page or the Save and Close button to save the categories and return the the Quizzes tool.