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Grading by Questions

To grade a quiz by question:

1. Click the down arrow to the right of the quiz you would like to grade and select Grade.

Grade Quiz screen - Select Questions tab

2. You will arrive on the Users tab of the Grade quiz page. To grade by question click the Questions tab.

Grade by Questions Grade Individual Responses vs Update All Attempts3. Within the Questions tab select from the following options:

Grade Individual Responses: This option allows you to grade a specific question one participant at a time.If you would like to Grade Individual Responses continue to the Grade Individual Responses section below for the remaining directions.

Update All Attempts: This option allows you to bulk grade a specific question for all participants at one time. If you need to update the score that all participants received on one or more question(s) in your quiz you will need to select the Update All Attempts option. Visit the Regrading Quiz Questions help page for further assistance with this process.


Grading Individual Responses

To grade individual responses for a specific question, do the following:

Grade by questions select options4. Ensure that the bullet is placed at Grade Individual Responses, then decide whether you want to use either of the following options:

  • Blind Marking: When checked, this option allows you to grade participant responses without their names visible. This can help facilitate impartial grading.
  • View Graded Responses: This option determines whether graded responses are displayed during the grading process. If you would like for only ungraded responses to appear you will need to uncheck this box.

Grade Individual Response Question SelectClick to enlarge image




5. Click on the blue question text of the question you want to grade to open that question.

Grade Individual Response6. From within the Grade Question page, type the participant's score in the Score field. When finished choose from one of the following options:

  • Save: Click this option to save the grade and remain on the same participant
  • Save and Continue: Click this to save the grade and move to the next participant
  • Go Back to Questions: Click this if you would like to return to the list of questions to select another question.

Additionally, you may move between participants by using the arrows or numbers beneath the Grade Question text. You may also use the down arrow to specify how many participants you would like to view on the page at a time, selecting from 1, 5, 10, or 20.

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