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The University of Arizona

Adding Existing Activities

Video Help

Many instructors like to have all of their course materials and activities in once place because it is easier for participants to see everything they need to complete all on one screen.

To add course activities that you have previously created in your course site to Content do the following:




1. Click the Existing Activities button under the module you'd like to add the activity to and select the type of activity you'd like to link: Chat, Checklist, Discussions, Assignments, ePortfolio Item, External Learning Tools, Quizzes, Self Assessments, or Surveys.





2. Click on the specific activity you'd like to link to.

Please Note: While there is an option to create a new activity on this screen, it is NOT recommended that you do so. If you need to create a new activity, click the Manage <tool name> (Opens in a new Tab) link to be taken to the Discussions tool. Then return and link to the activity.