Students: Quizzes

Step by step instructions are available below the video.


Submit:  Take and submit a quiz.

Start a quiz, answer and save questions and submit a completed quiz.

  1. Click on Quizzes in the navigation bar (nav bar).
  2. Click on the quiz in the list of available quizzes.
  3. The Quiz Details page provides information about the quiz, how long you have to take it, when it is available etc.  If you do not have a Start Quiz button at the bottom check the information in the Quiz period section.  The quiz period may not have started or it may have passed.
  4. Click the Start Quiz! button.
  5. Enter answers for the questions.  After each question, click the Save button.  This assures that your answer is saved should your internet connection be interrupted.
  6. Click on Save All Responses before moving to the next page if the quiz has more than one page of questions.
  7. At the end of the quiz, click the Go to Submit Quiz button.
  8. You can go back and check your quiz prior to submitting a quiz by clicking the questions on the left (if the instructor has not disabled backward movement in the quiz).
  9. To finally submit your quiz, click on the Submit Quiz button.
  10. Wait until the submission screen appears that verifies the quiz has been submitted.
  11. Click the Done button.

View: View the results of the quiz

After the quiz has been submitted, return to the quiz and view the results.

Your instructor controls what results you see.  The default view only shows the score.  Instructors can edit the view to show questions and answers, but that is up to each instructor.

  1. Click on Quizzes in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the dropdown menu to the right of the quiz for which you want to see the results (inverted chevron to the right of the quiz name).
  3. Select Submissions.
  4. Click on the Attempt 1 (some instructors allow for more than one attempt on a quiz)
  5. You land on the submission view which shows you the information about your attempt that the instructor wants students to be able to see about her attempt.

Use: Install and use the Respondus lockdown browser

Learn about, install and use the Respondus lockdown browser.

Some instructors require the lockdown browser to take a quiz.  This browser prevents students from using other applications on their computers while taking a quiz.

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