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Question Section

To create order within your question library, we suggest that you organize questions within Sections (In the Question Library, a Section is simply a folder).

Tip: The way you organize your Question Library is independent from how you create your Quizzes. For example, you can pull questions into a random draw section in a single Quiz from multiple different folders in your Question Library. Create a structure that makes sense for your content and is adaptable. Consider creating sections based upon the topics covered in your course, or organizing questions by book chapter, and so forth.

To create a Question Section, do the following:

Question Section selection






1. Click the New button and select Section from the drop down menu.

Tip: If you want your questions separated by question type, subject matter, etc, build a separate Section for each grouping of questions.

The New Section page contains the following fields:

New Question Section Page


2. Section Name: Type a name for your Section.

3. Optional: If you would like to display a message to participants at the beginning of your section type a message in the Message field. You will also have to configure the Display message and image section below in order for the message to appear to participants.

4. Optional: If you want to leave private notes for yourself or other members of the teaching team about  this section you can do so by typing in the Private Comments field.

5. Optional: If you want to add an image to your section click the Add a File button, then locate the file on your computer or within your D2L site (stored in your course files; for more on this topic, see the Manage Files help page). The image appears at the top of the questions contained in this Section. If you would like to type a description to accompany the picture, do so in the Description field.

6. Display Options (Optional): Used to control what participants can see within the quiz. The following display options are available:

  • Show section name: Check this box if you want participants to see the name of the section as you entered it in the Section Name field above
  • Insert a line break after section name: If you chose to show the section name, check this box to insert a horizontal line below the section name to separate the section name from the questions.
  • Display message and image: If you added a Message or Image in the steps above check this box to display them within the quiz. Then choose either display section message and image once or repeat section message and image before each question, depending on how frequently you want the image and/or message to appear.

7. Optional: If you would like to leave feedback that applies to the entire Section, click the blue Expand section feedback link, then type your feedback in the Section Feedback field. In order for participants to see this feedback the Submission Views must be configured to allow them to see the quiz questions. For more information about configuring Submission Views, please visit the Quiz Submission Views help page.

 8. When finished, click the Save button.

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