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Viewing Assignment Feedback & Grades

Once your instructor has graded your assignment and published the grade, you'll be able to see it. To view your score and any comments your instructor may have left for you:


Click the View Feedback icon to the right of the assignment name.


On the View Feedback screen, you may be able to see the following:


1. Submitted Files: List of files you submitted for the assignment


2. Report: The Originality Report for submitted files (Available only if your instructor is using plagiarism detection AND has chosen to release Originality Reports to students.)

3. GradeMark: A link to's GradeMark (Available only if your instructor used GradeMark to grade and enter comments on your work AND entered a score in the grademark/turnitincom interface.)

4. Date Submitted: The date and time you submitted your file(s)

5. Feedback: The grade your instructor assigned, when the feedback was left, comments and any files your instructor may have left for you

Viewing Feedback in Feedback Studio (Turnitin Grademark)

There are two ways to see feedback left in's Grademark/Feedback Studio depending on how your instructor has set up the assignment and how he or she has graded it.

Grademark icon in View feedback for an assignment1.  Click on the Grademark icon when you are viewing feedback for an assignment.  This will take you directly to the mark up in



image of similarity check icon circled2.  Frequently, there is not a Grademark icon but only the Turnitinlcom simiilarity icon.  Click on the icon to go to



image of rool bar




 In, click on the show instructor feedback layer button.  Instructor feedback will appear on the document in the left pane.





Not seeing the Gradmark icon or the Similarity Report icon?  Please visit this FAQ