Instructor: Delete Discussion Forums and Topics


Delete: Discussion Forums and Topics

Delete individual or all Forums and Topics from the Discussions List.

You can delete everything on the Discussions List at once or choose specific Forums or Topics to delete:

  1. Click on the More Actions button and select Delete.
  2. To delete all Forums and Topics, check the box to the left of Select all.
  3. To delete a specific Forum and all the Topics within, check the box to the left of the Forum name.
  4. To delete individual Topics, check the box to the left of the Topic name.
  5. When you have chosen all the Discussion items you wish to delete, click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

Restore: Discussion Forums and Topics

Restore Forums or Topics that have been deleted from the Discussions List.

If you have deleted Discussion Forums or Topics, you can restore them to their original state, including all message posts and scores assessed through Assess Topic.

  1. Click on the More Actions button and select Restore.
  2. Click the Restore button located to the right of the Forum or Topic you would like to restore.
  3. If you are restoring a single Topic where the parent Forum still exists on the Discussions list you will see a confirmation message that asks you to confirm you want to restore. Click the Yes button to restore the Topic.
  4. If you are restoring a Topic where the parent Forum does not exist, you will see a message that explains you must also restore the Forum the Topic was created in. In this case, click the Restore Topic and Forum button to restore the Topic and its parent Forum.
  5. If you are restoring a Forum you will be will be taken to a Restore Topics window where you will be given the option to restore any Topics contained within that Forum. In this case, make sure each Topic you would like restore has a check mark next to it, then click the Restore button to restore the Forum and any selected Topics contained within.

Note: If the restored Discussion Topic(s) were previously connected to the gradebook you will need to reconnect them as restoring a Discussion Topic does not restore the connection to the gradebook. For help attaching the Discussion Topic to the gradebook, see the Discussion help section Assess: Linking Topics to your Gradebook.