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How does a student's quiz get submitted when it is marked "in progress" and the quiz has closed?

Sometimes students do not successfully submit their quiz because they have missed the final click in the submission process.  If this happens and the quiz closes, then the quiz remains in progress and the student cannot go back and submit it properly.  In order for the quiz to be graded it needs to be submitted.  The solution is for the instructor to submit the quiz for the student.

1.  Go to the quiz and select 'Grade'


screenshot of restults of searching for attempts in progress


2.  In the Restrict to dropdown menu, slect Users with attempts in progress


3. Click on th search icon in the Search for box


4.  Click on the icon to the right of the words attempt in progress






5.  You will be asked if you wish to enter the quiz as the student.  Select OK


6.  Click on the submit quiz at the bottom of the page

7.  When it asks you if you want to submit the quiz click OK and the quiz will be submitted and will be graded if it is set up to be auto graded or will be available for manual grading.