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The University of Arizona

Where can I get help?

D2L is currently considered the University's learning management system. As such, there are many different parts to it, all of which may be supported by different people or groups on campus. The following guide is intended to assist you in making sure you are contacting the appropriate people or group.

Contacting Your Instructor

Your instructor is responsible for ALL course material and activities posted within a D2L course site. They determine when and how course material and activities will be available to course participants. They also manage the grading structure of the course.

Contact your instructor if:

  • you have questions about D2L course site availability
  • you have questions about your grades
  • you have questions about activity (quizzes, discussions, submissionfolders, etc.) availability
  • you have questions about course material availability

Contacting the 24/7 IT Support Center

The 24/7 IT Support Center provides support for personal computers and many IT applications and services on campus, free of charge. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding University observed holidays.

Phone: (520) 626-TECH (8324)
Online Request Form:

Contact the 24/7 if:

  • you have trouble logging into D2L and/or other University systems
  • you experience problems specific to your computer
  • you experience browser-specific problems on your computer
  • you have trouble viewing video and/or audio clips (Media Player/Flash issue)

Contacting the UA Registrar's Office

The UA Registrar's Office provides support relating to student records and academic administration.

Phone: (520) 621-3113

Contact the UA Registrar's Office if:

  • you have questions about courses you are registered for
  • you have questions about Final Grades displayed in UAccess
  • you would like to change how your name displays in University systems

Contacting the D2L Support Team

The D2L Support Team provides support for D2L and many of its integrations.

Online Request Form:
D2L Help Pages:

Contact the D2L Support Team if:

  • you receive error messages while navigating within D2L
  • you have trouble submitting/posting to an activity (quizzes, discussions, submission folders, etc.)
  • you have general questions about how to navigate/use D2L