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The University of Arizona

Why do I not see my classes when I log into D2L at the beginning of the semester?

There are three reasons that you might not see your classes listed in D2L at the beginning of the semester:

1.  The instructor has not activated the course yet because it is not ready for student access - Instructors do not have to activate their course sites until the first day of class.

Solution:  Contact the instructor of the course

2.  You recently enrolled in the course and the enrollment has not yet hit the D2L system - It can take 12 - 24 hours for new enrollments (and drops) to hit the D2L system.

Solution:  Wait 12 - 24 hrs.

3.  There is no D2L course site for the class - If you check your schedule in UAccess Student, courses that have D2l course sites have a small comuter monitor icon to the left of the course name.  If there is no icon, there is no D2L site for that class.

Solution: Not all instructors use D2L so if there is no icon next to the course name, D2L is not being used and you need not worry about it not showing up in your D2L.