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The University of Arizona

Why are there no available discussions when I click on the Discussion link in the Navigation Bar?

There are many reasons why Discussion topics may not be available when you click on the Discussin link in the Navigation
Bar.  In almost all cases it is due to the way the instructor has setup the discussions.

1.  The instructor has put restrictions on the discussion and it will become available according to those restrictions.  You may be trying to enter the discussion before it opens up.

2.  The instructor may have made a mistake in the restrictions settings and therefore it is not available.

3.  The instructor may be using group discussions and you have not been enrolled in a group.  This happens frequently at the beginning of the semester when students are changing their schedules around.

4.  The instrucor may have set up a forum but did not include a discussion topic.  The way DL discussions work, is a forumm is a container for discussion topics.  If you have an empty forum then there is nothing for students to do.

In all cases, the instructor needs to make some changes in the discussion set up.  Please contact the instructor to let him or her know of the problem.