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Add Extra Credit Points to a Question

There are two ways to award extra credit points within a quiz:

Option 1: You can award extra points to an existing question. With this option, incorrect or missing answers will count against the student's final quiz grade

Option 2: You can add a bonus question to your quiz. With this option, students will not lose points if they answer incorrectly or choose not to answer this question; see the Add/Edit Bonus Questions help page for more about this option

Note: If, because of the extra points, students will be able score higher than a 100% on their quiz, you will have to configure your gradebook accordingly. Visit the Extra Credit Points section of the Bonus Points and Extra Credit help pages for instructions


1. Click the down arrow to the right of the quiz you would like to grade and select Grade.

Select GradeClick to enlarge image

At this point, you will have several options for adding extra points:

Option 1: By User. This option lists quizzes based upon the student name. For more, visit the Grading by Users help page

Option 2: By Attempts. This option lists quizzes based upon attempts. For more, visit the Grading by Attempts help page

Option 3: By Question. This option allows you to single out individual questions for grading. For more, visit the Grading by Questions help page


2. Choose one of the three options above, and navigate to the question for which you want to give extra points

Add Points to the Score Box

3. In the Score box, enter the total number of points you want to award for that answer

Note: When you update the points awarded to a given question, the final score will automatically update

Grade Quiz 'Save and Close' and 'Save' buttonsClick to enlarge image

4. When you have finished adding extra credit points to the question(s), click the Save and Close button to save your changes and return to the quiz grading window or click the Save button to save your changes and remain within this quiz attempt.

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