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Set Quiz Attempts

To configure quiz assessment settings:

Quiz Assessment Tab 1. Click the Assessment tab.

2. Use the Attempts Allowed drop down menu to select the number of times a participant may take the quiz. You may choose a number between 1 and 10 attempts, or you may choose to allow unlimited attempts. Click the Apply button.

Quiz Assessment tab attempt optionClick to enlarge image 

3. If you have chosen to allow more than 1 attempt for the quiz, use the Overall Grade Calculation drop down menu to select how you'd like participants' final quiz score to be calculated. The available calculation options are:

  • Highest Attempt: Only the participant's highest quiz attempt is counted for the overall grade.
  • Lowest Attempt: Only the participant's lowest quiz attempt is counted for the overall grade.
  • Average of all Attempts: The average of all of the participant's quiz attempts is calculated and used as the overall grade.
  • First Attempt: Only the participant's first quiz attempt is counted for the overall grade.
  • Last Attempt: Only the participant's last quiz attempt is counted for the overall grade.

Please Note: If you are exporting quiz scores to your D2L grade book, the overall grade is the score sent to the grade book.

4. If you selected more than 1 quiz attempt allowed in step 3, the Advanced Attempt Conditions section becomes available. This section is used to determine whether participant qualify to take another attempt based on their previous attempt's score. The number of attempts allowed controls how many attempt score fields are displayed. If you would like to restrict access to another attempt based on the previous attempt score you have the following options:

  • Min: Participants must have achieved at least this score before receiving another attempt
  • Max: Participants must have achieved less than this score to receive another attempt.

5. Click one of the Save options at the bottom of the screen to save your changes:

  • Save and Close: Returns you to the Manage Quizzes screen.
  • Save: Saves and changes and stays on the same screen.

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