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The University of Arizona

Window is too Small


The size of the HTML window adjusts to the size of your screen and/or Internet browser. If you do not have enough workspace, you can always make the HTML window larger.

You have two options:

1. Click the Toggle Fullscreen button (click it a second time to exit fullscreen mode):

Missing Icons


Sometimes, not all of the buttons in the toolbar will be visible to you. That happens when the toolbar is wider than your screen. To access the rest of the toolbar, simply click the Show all components button.

location of show all components button in HTML toolbar

Deleting Tables


It is possible to delete an entire table. The 'trick' is selecting the table first.

Important Note: When you delete a table, you also delete all content in that table.


steps for selecting a table


Creating Tables


Tables are useful for presenting tabular data. Individuals with visual impairments who must rely upon screen readers, can have a difficult time navigating tables unless those tables are properly formatted. Also, tables do not resize to fit the small screens on our mobile devices.

Important note: We recommend using tables for tabular data only. Avoid using tables for design and layout purposes.


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