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What you see in the HTML Editor looks completely different from the final webpage. This takes some getting used to, but you will learn to let the editor do the formatting for you.

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LaTeX Equation


LaTex stands for Lamport TeX. It is a system that was designed for preparing scientific documents, although it also acts as a writing tool for mathematicians and computer scientists, and can be used to create a variety of different types of publications. Note that D2L uses the math mode, which means most spaces and line breaks are not recognized (they have to be specific with commands such as \quad), empty lines are ignored (one paragraph per foruma), and each letter signifies the name of a variable (normal text requires the use of decimated commands).



MathML stands for Mathematical Markeup Language. It is a type of coding that caters specifically to math. According to the World Wide Web Consortium,

MathML attempts to capture something of the meaning behind equations rather than concentrating entirely on how they are going to be formatted out on the screen (From W3C website, What is MAthML).



It is possible to use the HTML editor's toolbar to change your font.

font tools in the HTML toolbar

You have three options. You can change the:



People often copy font size, italics, bold, and the like from a word document (or upload a word document into D2L). This may be comfortable and make content aethestically appealing, but it does nothing for users who have visual impairments and rely upon screen-reading technologies to access content. Not to mention, it can be diffult to make the format look the way you intend.


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