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The University of Arizona

Viewing Grades

When viewing grades, there may be several columns of information available to you:

Student Grades ScreenGrade Item: The name of the graded assigntment

Points: Your score on the graded assignment over the total points possiblem

Plagiarism & Originality Reports

The Assignments tool in D2L has an integration with that allows instructors to check for plagiarism in student assignments. This integration must be turned on by the instructor.

If an assignment has been run through Originality Check, and your instructor chooses to allow students to see the results, you may see an Originality Report next to your assignment while viewing feedback or your assignment history.

Submitting Assignments

You can use an Assignment submission folder to submit assignments online. Do this by uploading files to designated folders. You can upload multiple files to a single submission folder, but once a file has been submitted, it CANNOT be deleted.

Classlist Overview

The Classlist tool allows you to see a list of students that are enrolled in the same section of a course as you. It also lists all of the course's instructors and teaching team members.

To access the Classlist, click the Classlist link located in the red navigation bar located near the top of the screen.

Link to Classlist


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