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The University of Arizona

Discussions Overview

The Discussions tool is an online discussion forum where you can communicate with other students and/or the instructor of the course. The Discussions tool is asynchronous, meaning that everyone does NOT need to be online at the same time. You'll be able to see new messages posted by others the next time you log into D2L.

To access the Discussions tool, click the Discussions link in the red navigation bar located near the top of the screen.

Content Overview

The Content tool allows you to view relevant materials your instructor has posted. These materials can range from a simple text file to complex multimedia files.

To access the Content tool, click the Content link in the course navigation.

Click Content link

Chat Overview

The Chat tool allows you to communicate with other people in D2L. Your instructor(s) may set up course chats for discussion, online office hours, etc., and you can create private chats to communicate with other people in D2L.

Note: To participate in a chat, everyone must be online at the same time.

You can access the Chat tool from your D2L My Home screen. Click My D2L Tools located in the navigation bar, near the top of the screen, and select Chat from the menu.

Blog Overview

Viewing the Classlist
Once in the Classlist, you can find classmates who are currently online. A person who is online will have the Active icon displayed to the right of their name.
You can also view a classmate's profile, if one has been created, by clicking the image to the left of their name.
You can access the Actions menu by clicking the down arrow located to the right of each person's name to:

Online Help Request


NOTE: Please do not send an email or make a phone call in addition to this request; this multiplies the number of items the team must review and extends the time it takes to respond to everyone's requests for assistance.

D2L 10.1 upgrade

D2L was successfully updated to version 10.1 on July 26, 2013

D2L was unavailable to all users from 6:00 p.m. Friday, July 26, to approximately 3:15 a.m. Saturday, July 27 while the upgrade was completed.


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