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The University of Arizona

About the HTML Editor


The HTML editor allows you to enter and format text in D2L. It is availble to you in the Discussions and Assignments tools, and may be available to you in a Written Response quiz question (if enabled by your instructor).

Image of the HTML editor

This is what the D2L HTML editor looks like; it functions similarly to Word and other word processing programs: 

The following is a list of functions available to you within the HTML editor:

  • Insert Stuff: to insert a media file or link
  • Insert Image
  • Insert Quicklink
  • Format text
  • Add bullets, numbering, or alignment
  • Change font type or size
  • Change font color
  • Add or edit a table
  • Add graphical equations
  • Undo or Redo an edit
  • Cut and Copy text

Note: If you do not see all of the HTML icons, click on the ellipses icon to expand your screen:Image of ellipses icon in toolbar

Note: Advanced users can access the HTML code by clicking on the HTML Source Editor icon: Image of HTML Source Editor icon