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The University of Arizona

Checking Accessibility


D2L's built in Accessibility Checker is designed to check everything on your page, including things such as:

  • Proper use of Headings. This confirms that proper placement and sequence (H1, H2, H3...) is used on the page.
  • Proper color contrast. This checks the same thing as outlined in the Color Picker Contrast Checker page, but does it for the entire page, rather than with each color selection.
  • Proper table formatting. Specifically:
    • Whether a table caption was used at the start of the table
    • Whether the row and/or column containing the table headings is properly identified
    • Whether the heading cells are using the proper tags (<th>) and scope ("col" or "row")
  • Proper image formatting: This checks to see whether the image includes a label identifying what's in the image for those with sight impairments. Note that decorative images can be labeled as decorative, which inserts an alt="" attribute to tell the screen reader to ignore it.

To use the Accessibility Checker in D2L HTML pages, do the following:

Location of accessibility checker in HTML editorClick to Enlarge Image


  1. Click the Accessibility Checker icon, located in the lower right corner of the HTML editor (just after the spell checker icon)
  2. If any issues are presented to you click through them to see what they are. In some cases the accessibility checker will assist you with fixing them, in other cases you'll need to correct them on your own and re-run the accessibility checker to confirm the issue are resolved. 
  3. When all issues are resolved, or if no issues exist, click Close to exit the Accessibility checker.