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Course Results Artifact

To add Course Results to your ePortfolio do the following:


Image of the ePortfolio link in the D2L My Home page navigationClick to enlarge image

1. Click the ePortfolio link on the My Home navigation bar to access ePortfolio


Image showing "My Items" link. Click this link.Click to enlarge image


2. Click the My Items link

 Image showing "Add" drop down menu clicked with the "Course Results" option as the option to be selected.Click to enlarge image




3. Click the Add button and select Course Results from the drop down menu.

 Image showing a list of available courses to choose course results from.Click to enlarge image


4. Click on the title of the course that you want to import course results from. 

Tip: If you have a long list of course sites available to you use the Search For: field to search for the course. You will need to click the blue magnifying glass button to perform the search.

Image showing a list of course results from the selected course with the desired course results selected and the "Next" button highlighted.Click to enlarge image




5. Place a check mark next to the result(s) you would like to import into your ePortfolio, then click the Next button.

Image showing the Name, Description and Tags fields and the "Save" button. The "Apply Tags to All Artifacts" button is also highlighted.Click to enlarge image

6. Optional: D2L will name the course result to match that of the item it's importing. If you would like to change this name do so within the Name field.

7. Optional: Type a description of the course result in the Description field

8. Optional: Type one or more tags into the Tags field.

Tip: If you would like to apply the same tags to all Course Results being imported click the Apply Tags to All Artifacts button and enter your tags there instead.

Tip: Tags are useful for helping you categorize your artifacts by grouping similar items together.

9. Click the Save button to complete the import of your Course Results.

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