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Font is different sizes


When you create your content in Word (or any similar program), you generate content and computer codes. The codes run in the background and manage the "style" of your document, handling elements like font size, line spacing, typface, margins, and so forth. When you copy content from the word processor, you also copy the embedded code. When you paste your content, the HTML editor tries to integrate the embedded code into its own style template. The result may be inconsistent or unintentional formatting.

Note: For a deeper dive into styles, formats, and copying, check out this blog post from Shauna Kelly.

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The best way to address this situation is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. That means:

  1. Create your content directly in the HTML editor, using the toolbar to format your text.
  2. If given the option, remove formatting when pasting your text.
  3. Use the following shortcut keys (on your keyboard) to paste your text:
  4. Or, first paste your content into a text editor (which removes formatting), and then copy it from the text editor before pasting it into the HTML editor:
    1. On a PC, use Notepad;
    2. ON a MAC, use TextEdit.


If you need to fix problematic formatting, here are a couple of things you can try.

location of the format icon and drop down menu


  1. Highlight the problematic text;
  2. Click on the Format icon to open the dropdown menu;
  3. Select Format from the menu;
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, this time selecting the kind of format you want to use.

If that does not work, here is a second possibility.

  1. Highlight and copy the problematic text;
  2. Open a text editing program;
    1. Notepad on a PC;
    2. TextEdit on a MAC;
  3. Paste the text into the text editing program;
  4. Then, copy that same text again from the text editing program;
  5. Paste it into your text editor (you can either paste it over the old text, or paste the new text in and then delete the old).