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The University of Arizona

Importing a Portfolio

If you would like to import an ePortfolio ZIP file into your ePortfolio do the following:

Image of the ePortfolio link in the D2L My Home page navigationClick to enlarge image

1. Click the ePortfolio link on the My Home navigation bar to access ePortfolio


Image showing "My Items" link. Click this link.Click to enlarge image


2. Click the My Items link

 Image showing "More Actions" drop down menu with "Go to Import/Export page" highlightedClick to enlarge image




3. Click the More Actions button and select Go to Import/Export page.


 Image showing "Import" button highlightedClick to enlarge image




4. Click the Import button.



 Image showing "Choose File" and "Next" buttons


5. Click the Choose File button to select an ePortfolio export file from your computer. 



6. With the file selected, click the Next button.

Image showing x button to exclude items from export, the "Tags" fied and the "Import" buttonClick to enlarge image


7. Review the items to be imported. If you see anything you would prefer not to import click the red X to the right of the item to exclude it from the import.

8. Optional: If you would like to add one or more tags to all items being imported type the desired tag(s) into the Tags field.

Tip: Tags are useful for helping you categorize your artifacts by grouping similar items together.

9. Click the Import button to start the import process.

The import will now happen automatically in the background. If you are interested in viewing the progress of your import click the View progress of the import package link. Alternately, you can click the ePortfolio link on the My Home navigation bar to return to your ePortfolio. Once the import has completed you should see the imported items listed on the My Items page.


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