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The University of Arizona

Insert a Horizontal Line


Break up sections of text by inserting a horizontal line. You can make the line as wide or as tall as you would like.

Insert Stuff icon in the toolbar

To insert a line:

image of HTML editor with  cursor

1. Place your cursor where you want to locate the line.

Image of dropdown menu with Insert Line option

2. Click on the Insert Quicklink dropdown menu and select Insert Line.

3. In the "HR rule box", enter the following information:Examples of lines with different heights, widths and shadow

Click to Enlarge Image

  • Width Value: must be a value greater than 0
  • Line Height: must be a value greater than 0
  • Display Shadow: checked by default, uncheck if you want to remove the shadow

Tip: We recommend 98% for a line spanning the entire width of the page.

4. Click the Create button.

5. Remember, when you are finished creating/editing your HTML content, click Publish or Save to make the content available to learners or Save as Draft to save your unpublished work. (Note: the buttons change depending upon the tool you are using.)