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The University of Arizona

Insert Image


When you use the Insert Image tool, you physically insert a picture into your text. Images can come from a variety of sources, from a picture saved to your computer, to one that is already elsewhere in your course, or somewhere on the Internet.


To Insert an Image:

1. Click on the Insert Image button: picture of the add an image icon

2. In the "Add a File" window that opens, you will have several options. Drag and drop your image into the "Drop files here" box, or select one of the following.

Image of Add a File window


  • Upload (or My Computer): to locate an image saved on your computer
  • URL: to add an image directly from a webpage

Tip: to find the URL for a web-based image, right-click on the image and select "copy link"

3. Click the Add button.

Image of the Alt Text window

4. In the Provide Alternative Text box, do one of the following:

  • Select This image is decorative, or
  • In the Alternative Text box, enter descriptive text for participants with visual impairments who use assistive technology

Important note: Please do not skip this step. "Alt text" helps participants with visual impairments to navigate your content. For tips on using Alternative Text, click here to open the WebAIM website in a new window.

5. Optional: You can add text, titles, more images, links, and other elements to your page using the other HTML editor tools.

Image of HTML editor with content

6. When you are finished, be sure to either Save or Publish your changes (the buttons change depending upon which tool you are using).