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The University of Arizona

Insert a Link


Use the Insert Quicklink button to embed a link into your page:

Insert Stuff icon in the toolbar

To create a link:

Image of highligted text in HTML editor

1. Highlight the text, image, symbol or other content that you wish to turn into a link.

2. Click on the Insert Quicklink icon: image of insert link icon

Image of list with location of URL option

3. In the box that opens:

  • If you want to insert a link to a webpage: scroll all the way down and select URL (the last option in the list)
  • If you want to link to something else, choose the appropriate tool (and skip to step 7).

image of Insert Quicklink box with steps itemized

4. To link to a website, in the URL box, paste or type the link.

5. In the Title box, include a description of the link.

Important Note: To make your content as accessible as possible, use meaningful text in the title box. Phrases such as "Read More" that are out of context can be ambiguous. For tips on creating meaningful link text, click here to open the WebAIM page on Links and Hypertext in a new window.

6. Choose one of the following as your Target. The "target" tells D2L where to open the webpage.

  • Whole Window: opens the page full-screen (students will have to use the "back" button to navigate back to D2L)
  • Same Frame:opens the page, but it appears within the D2L "window" (students can still use the D2L navigation buttons, but the webpage appears in place of the D2L content)
  • New Window: opens the page full-screen, but in a new tab (this allows students to have D2L and the new page open at the same time)

7. Click the Insert button.

8. When you are finished, be sure to Publish or Save your work (the buttons are different in different tools).