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The University of Arizona

Insert Stuff


Use the Insert Stuff button to embed a video or audio file:

Insert Stuff icon in the toolbar

Image of embedded video in D2L

To Insert media or links into a D2L page:

1. Click the Insert Stuff icon Insert Stuff icon

Insert Stuff menu of options

2. Select what you want to insert from the menu on the left, or click the Browse button on the right to upload something from your computer.

3. Depending upon your selection in step 2, you will be instructed what to do next. You may have to click the Next button to move to step 4.

Note: Due to security measures, D2L will only allow you to embed code from a secure source. For example, D2L accepts URLs starting with HTTPS (which signals to your browser to use special encryption), but may not allow you to embed a URL starting with HTTP.

insert button4. When you have located the content you wish to embed, click the Insert button.

Publish and Save as Draft buttons5. When you are finished creating/editing your HTML content, click Publish or Save to make the content available to learners or Save as Draft to save your unpublished work. Note: the buttons change depending upon the tool you are using.