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The University of Arizona

Insert a Symbol


The Quicklink dropdown menu allows you to embed special characters and symbols into your text.

Insert Stuff icon in the toolbar

Important Note: Mathematical equations and characters are inserted using a different HTML Editor tool. Learn more by visiting our Mathematical Operations help page.

To insert a symbol:

image of cursor in text

1. Place your cursor where you want to insert the symbol. 

image of dropdown menu2. Click on the Insert Quicklink dropdown menu and select Insert Symbol

Image of select symbol window

3. In the "Select Symbol" box, click on the symbol you want to insert (alternatively, you can enter the Number or HTML code).

Tip: The symbol you select will appear in the box in the top right corner. Make sure this is what you intend before moving to step 4.

4. Click the Create button.

5. Remember, when you are finished creating/editing your HTML content, click Publish or Save to make the content available to learners or Save as Draft to save your unpublished work. (Note: the buttons change depending upon the tool you are using.)