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The University of Arizona

The My Home Layout

Below is a numbered screen shot of the D2L My Home screen. Under the image is information about your D2L My Home screen that corresponds with each number.

My Home Screen


  1. D2L Mini Bar: The mini bar runs along the top of your D2L My Home screen. It is also available to you in any D2L course site.
  2. Messages & Notification Icons: Use these icons to determine if you have any new messages or notifications.
  3. Personal Menu: Your Personal Menu contains links to your profile and account settings. It is also where you log out of D2L
  4. Self Registration & My D2L Tools: These are links to tools that are specific to the participant. The My D2L Tools grouping contains links to the Chat and Locker tools. It also has a link to UA Email. You can find more information about Self Registration here.
  5. D2L News: Here, you will find announcements the D2L Support Team posts regarding course access, upcoming D2L maintenance, unscheduled D2L downtime, etc.
  6. My Courses: Lists all D2L course sites you have access to.
  7. Access By Role: If you have more than one role in D2L, your courses are separated by role. Click these Role buttons to view your courses by role.