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The University of Arizona

New Student Clicker Registration

Select the option the applies to you: 


Registering Clicker purchased at University of Arizona Bookstore

1. Log in to D2L using NetID and Password. (

image of My course widget with list of courses available



2. Select the course you want to enter under My Courses.

image of UATools Dropdown3.  Click on UA Tools on the Navigation bar, and select Clickers from the dropdown menu

image of the account creation screen with information prepopulated





4. You will then be redirected to Turning Technologies website, and will need to Create an Account if you don't already have one with your University of Arizona email address. Necessary information is pre-populated. Click on the license agreement check box

5.  Click the Finish button



image of TurningTech welcome screen





6.Click the Get Started button. It will then walk you through step-by-step entering in a subscription code, your Clicker ID, and making sure you are connected to the Brightspace LMS. 







Subscription screen





7. Enter your subscription code.  This code is included in the clicker package you bought at the bookstore. Click the Redeem button. If for some reason you don't have a subscription code just click Continue. You can purchase a subscription later. 

8.  Click Continue






clicker ID screen






9. Enter your clicker ID.  It is a 6-digit code located on the back of your clicker.  Click Add.

10.  Click Continue






Clicker added successfully screen shot11.  Click Continue. There is no need to register another clicker ID. DO NOT register a classmate's or friend's clicker.  It will be tied to your netID and not his or hers and he or she will not receive any points in class.









LMS verificaton screen12.  This screen verifies that your clicker and you are connected to Brightspace (D2L). Just ignore the Blackboard option. Blackboard is not used on campus anymore. Click Finish










Profile screen image13,  The final screen is a confirmation screen.  There should be green check marks next to Subscriptions, Response Devices and Learning Management System.


Registering and Purchasing Clicker and/or Subscription outside of University of Arizona Bookstore through Turning Technologies


Create your Turning Technologies profile using Steps 1 - 5 above.


6. Click through the wizard by clicking the Get Started and Continue buttons until you get to your profile page.

image of profile page7. You can purchase a subscription by clicking on the Purchase Subscription button. This will direct you to the Turning Technologies online store to purchase your subscription.

8.  Once you have purchased a subscription from Turning Technologies online store the code is automatically entered and attached to your account. You do not have to manually enter in a subscription code.

Follow the same process if you wish to purchase a clicker directly from Turning Technologies, but click the Purchase Clicker button in the Response Devices section.


Please Note: It is not recommended that you purchase ONLY a Subscription for a mobile device, since not all instructors allow use of the mobile app. It is best to purchase a clicker with a subscription as that covers you if you have a class where the clicker device is required as well as a class that allows for mobile app use.  

If you are having trouble with registering your clicker:

Contact the 24/7 IT Support Center at (520) 626-TECH (8324) or go to

If you are having issues with the clicker you purchased at University of Arizona Bookstore:  

Technical Support handles warranty replacements and limited returns for refund.

For warranty response on clicker devices purchased from UA Bookstore: 

1. Student must contact Turning Technologies Technical Support to troubleshoot before returning device to bookstore. Please contact them at or at their support number at 1.866.746.3015.

2. If replacement is warranted, student will be issued a Device Exchange Form by Technical Support that will need to be presented with the clicker device to the bookstore for replacement. 

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