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To create a Presentation within your ePortfolio do the following:

Image of the ePortfolio link in the D2L My Home page navigationClick to enlarge image

1. Click the ePortfolio link on the My Home navigation bar to access ePortfolio


Image of the New Presentation link on the ePortfolio home pageClick to enlarge image


2. Click the New Presentation button

Tip: You may also create a new Presentation from the My Items page.


Image of the Name, Description, Tags and Comments/Assessments fieldsClick to enlarge image

3. Type the desired name for the collection in the Name field

4. Optional: Type a description of the link in the Description field

5. Optional: Type one or more tags into the Tags field.

Tip: Tags are useful for helping you categorize your artifacts by grouping similar items together.


6. Comments/Assessments: By default, your Presentation will be set to allow others comment on it and to view comments others have left. If you would prefer to prohibit commenting on your Presentation, uncheck the Allow others to add/view comments if they have sufficient permission check box.

Image of the Themes page with 'Select' button highlighted to select the desired themeClick to enlarge image


7. Click the Theme tab to select the desired look for your presentation.



8. Press the Select button next to the preferred theme.


Image of the Banner page with Banner TItle and Banner Description fields highlightedClick to enlarge image

9. Click the Banner tab.

10. Type the desired title for your presentation in the Banner Title field

11. Optional: Type a Description for the presentation. This description will appear to the right of the Banner Title in the presentation


Image of the Content page with Banner TItle and Banner Description fields highlightedClick to enlarge image

12. Click the Content/Layout tab.

The Content/Layout page has several options:

A. Edit Presentation Navigation: Click this option to select whether the navigation appears to the left, right or above the presentation content.

B. Edit Presentation Layout: Click this option to select whether you would like one or two content areas in your presentation.

C. Add Component: Click this option to add any of the following items to the presentation page:

  • Artifacts
  • Reflections
  • Text Areas
  • Information from your profile

D. New Page Icon: Click to add an additional page to your presentation. You may add as many pages as you like, but must do so one at a time.

E. Re-order Pages Icon: Click to change the order pages appear in your presentation.

13. When finished, click the Close button to exit your Presentation.

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