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The University of Arizona

Reflecting on Content

Students can "reflect"on a particular content topic.  That relfection then becomes an Artifact in the student's e-portfilio.  Please visit the e-portfolio help page for more information.


To reflect on content:


Context menu to the right of topic title with Reflect in ePortfiolio circle1  Either select Reflect In ePortfolio from the context menu to the right of the topic name (click on the triangle to the right of the name to get the menu)






image of buttons at the bottomof a content topic with the Reflect in ePortfoliio circled OR click on the Reflect in EPortfolio button at the bottom of the content topic

Image of the box in which to reflect on content with sections Title Tags, Relfections numbered 2 - 4 and the Add button numbered 5 Click to enlarge2.  In the Title section  enter a title for the reflection.

3.  D2L will automatically add tags in the Tags section based on the course and content topic.



4.  Enter your reflection in the Reflections section.  You can add images, links to other web sites and format text as you wish.



5. Click the Add button

After clicking the Add button a confirmation box appears showing your reflection

image of reflection confirmation with number 6 for the link to go to the ePortfolio and number 7 marking the close button



6.  By clicking on View Reflection in ePorfoliio, you can see the reflection as an artifact in ePortfolio (see #8 below for image)






7. Click on the Close button to return to the course's content.

image of the reflection as it appears in the student ePortfolio 8.  If you click View reflection in ePortfolio (#6 above) you are taken to the reflecton in your ePortfolio.

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