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The University of Arizona

Turning Tech/Clickers Overview

What are Clickers?

Clickers are wireless devices used for student participation in the classroom; they could be used for attendance or to measure learning and understanding of course topics. Usually, the instructor will post a slide with questions during lectures or such, and students respond to the questions by entering a number on their wireless clicker device.

Supported Clicker Models on Campus

NXT (Quick Start Guide)     |     QT (Quick Start Guide)     |     QT2 (Quick Start Guide)

See the Tips and FAQs section on where you can purchase a clicker. 

Register your Clicker

Image of d2l nagivation bar with clickers location 

Please access the course that is using clickers by logging in to D2L with your NetID and Password. Once in the course, click on the UA Tools link in the navigation bar and select Clickers. 

If you will be using Clickers in your course, you will first need to set it up by Registering your Clicker Device. You will have the option to register your Clicker device, as a new student using Clickers, or a returning student using Clickers.  

New Student Registration     |     Returning Student Registration     |     Tips and FAQs