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The University of Arizona

Viewing Content

When viewing Content, your screen may look something like the image below. If your instructor has chosen to post a Course Overview, you will initially arrive at that page. You can view the rest of the content by clicking the Table of Contents link in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Please Note: All course content is managed by the instructor of a course. If you do not have access to material you believe you should, contact your instructor directly.

To view a Content topic, click the name of the topic.

While viewing a Content topic, you can:

1. Bookmark it. Bookmarking a topic allows you to easily pull it up later in your Bookmarks tab.

2. Open the topic into a new window. This usually allows you to view a topic without the D2L banners around it, making it easier to print from your internet browser.

3. Easily navigate to other Content topics. Clicking the Previous and Next buttons allows you to move backward and forward through topics.