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The University of Arizona

Web Document Artifact

To create a web document within your ePortfolio do the following:


Image of the ePortfolio link in the D2L My Home page navigationClick to enlarge image

1. Click the ePortfolio link on the My Home navigation bar to access ePortfolio


Image showing "My Items" link. Click this link.Click to enlarge image


2. Click the My Items link

 Image showing "Add" drop down menu clicked with the "Web Document" option as the option to be selected.Click to enlarge image



3. Click the Add button and select Web Document from the drop down menu.

Image showing File name and Content fields and the "Next" buttonClick to enlarge image


4. Type the desired name for the link in the File Name field

Please Note: Your file name may not contain any of the following special characters:  .  \  /  : * ? " <  > |


5. Create your desired content within the Content field. For more information on using the HTML editor visit the HTML editor help page.


6. Click the Next button when you have completed building your content.

Image showing Description and Tags fields and 'Save' button.Click to enlarge image


7. Optional: Type a description of the link in the Description field.



8. Optional: Type one or more tags into the Tags field.

Tip: Tags are useful for helping you categorize your artifacts by grouping similar items together.



9. Click the Save button to create your web document. Upon saving you will be presented with additional options.

Image of Comments/Assessments  options and "Save and Close" button to create the LinkClick to enlarge image



10. Comments/Assessments: By default, your web document will be set to allow others comment on it and to view comments others have left. If you would prefer to prohibit commenting on your web document, uncheck the Allow others to add/view comments if they have sufficient permission check box.



11.Click the Save and Close button to complete your web document

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