D2L Community: Fees

D2L Community is free to use if you are not charging participants of your course.

If you are charging users of your course a fee to enroll and participate, you must pay for its use.

  • There is a $5.00 fee for each user in your course.  You must purchase a seat for everyone that uses the course throughout its use.  You are not allowed to recycle users through a set number of seats.
  • The minimum purchase is for 100 seats.  However, these can be spread across your entire college.  If you only need 20 seats then someone else in your college can use the other 80 seats.  
  • Seat purchases need to occur prior to participant enrollment in the course.

Valerie Mourelatos from Digital Learning can process payments for 100 seats at a time.

Note: If you are charging your participants, it is important to pay the $5 fee per seat as this is how the vendor contract is structured. If you attempt to get around this, you risk voiding the contract for the entire university. If you are found out of compliance, you will have your access to your course sites immediately removed until you pay for the seats.