D2L Community: Getting Started

You can access your course on the D2L Community site.

When you open the D2L Community site, you will see your course on the Home Page.  If you find yourself on an unfamiliar spot in  D2L, you can return to this home page by clicking the Home button.

Help to find the Home button

1. Organize: The Home Page

Organize your Home Page to allow quick access to current courses.

If multiple courses appear on your Home Page, you can Pin some to make them appear at the top of the list.

  1. Hover over the tile for your course and click on the three dots.Click the three dots to pin the course to the top of the Home screen


  2. Click Pin to ensure that your course appears on the top rows of the Home page.
  3. This course will now always appear on the top rows of your Home page.

NOTE: To avoid clutter, reverse the above process to Unpin courses you are no longer facilitating.


2. Prepare: Your Course Site

Build your course site using the UA D2L Help pages.

  1. Change settings as needed in the Instructor, Getting Started section of the UA D2L Help pages to prepare your course for content.
  2. Use the Content Tool to create the basic structure of your course.
  3. Add Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions, and Grades as needed.

3. Utilize: UA Library Resources

Learn what resources are available to you through the UA Library.

While you can't use every service in the UA Library in a D2L Community course, there are some excellent resources available to you.  The Library Resources for Noncredit Courses reference page will help you get started.