HTML Editor: Review Your Work

1. About: Reviewing Your Work

The HTML editor has built-in tools for previewing, spell checking, and reviewing the accessibility of your content.

toolbar with checker tools circled



2. Preview: Your Work

You can Preview your webpage to verify what it looks like before you Publish it.

  1. Click the Preview button.preview button


  2. A new window will open showing you exactly how your webpage will appear.preview window


  3. Click the Close button when finished. This does not save your work.close button



3. Check: Your Spelling

The HTML editor includes a tool for checking your spelling, even if you use a language other than English.

  1. Click the Check Spelling button. check spelling button


  2. Do one of the following:
    • Use the Ignore buttons to ignore the word.ignore buttons


    • Enter the correctly spelled word in the Replacement Text field, and click Replace.replace buttons


    • Use the language menu to choose a different language and click the Change Language button.change language field and button


  3. Click OK.

4. Check: Accessibility

The Accessibility Checker checks for issues that make it difficult for people with disabilities to read or use your page. It checks for the:

Proper use of Headings

This confirms that proper placement and sequence (H1, H2, H3...) is used on the page.

Proper color contrast 

This checks the colors on your page to make sure there is enough contrast (e.g. black type on a white background) so that everyone can see them.

Proper table formatting


  • Whether a table caption was used at the start of the table
  • Whether the row and/or column headings are properly identified
  • Whether the heading cells are using the proper tags (<th>) and scope ("col" or "row")

Proper image formatting

This checks to see if the image includes a label identifying what is to those with sight impairments. Note that decorative images can be labeled as decorative, which tells the screen reader to ignore it.

To use the Accessibility Checker:

  1. Click the Accessibility Checker icon.accessibility checker


  2. Note how many issues exist.issue 1 of 1 notation


  3. Issues will be presented to you one at a time. issue field

    Note: In some cases, the accessibility checker will assist you with fixing an issue; in other cases, you'll need to correct them on your own and re-run the accessibility checker to confirm that all issues are resolved. 

  4. Click the Question Mark icon to learn more about the identified issue.question mark icon
  5. Click Next to advance to the next issue button


  6. When you have resolved the issues, click Close to exit the Accessibility checker.close button



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