Instructional Tutorials

The D2L Consulting Team has put together some short, self-paced D2L courses that provide information, instructions, and best practices on selected topics. The courses currently available are:

  • D2L New Student Orientation: Introduction to D2L for students who are new to D2L.  This orientation is also useful for instructors who wish to learn about the student experience in D2L.
  • D2L New Instructor Orientation: Introduction to D2L for instructors who are new to D2L.
  • D2L Creating Accessible Course Sites: More advanced course for instructors who wish to learn how to build courses online that are accessible to all their students. 
  • Turnitin: Check your work: Course where students and instructors can check student papers via Turnitin for any material that matches other sources. This is helpful for students who want to check for accidental plagiarism before submitting their work.
  • D2L Templates: Learn to use the templates built by the D2L team to add some color and special formatting to your course.
  • D2L Quiz Question Conversion Tool: Take your quiz questions built in any word processor, such as MS Word or Google Docs, and quickly convert them to a .CSV file to be imported into your course question library.  Everything you need to convert your files is included in this course.

Enroll: How to Self Register in a Tutorial

To access these courses, you must self-register. To do this:

  1. Log into D2L at
  2. Click the Self Registration link located at the top left side of the screen.Self registration link circled on D2L my homepage


  3.   Find the course you want to register for and click the link for it.

    Shows the D2L Self Registration courses, with a red square around their titles for emphasis.


  4. Click the Register button to register for the course.image of self registration screen with register button circled


  5. Click the Submit button.self registration screen with Submit button circled


  6. Click the Finish button on the confirmation screen.self registration screen with finish button circled


  7. You may click the link to the course to go directly there or you may click the Done button to return to your My Home screen.registration summary page with go to course offereing link and done button circled


  8. Once you have completed the self registration process, the D2L course site will be listed on your D2L My Home screen under My Courses. Click on the image (tile) to enter the course.image of my courses with a course tile circled