Instructor: Add Your Content

1. Create:  Upload a file

Use the Upload a File option to add material such as a syllabus to your course.

  1. In a Module, drag and drop a file from your computer into drop area. Red square around the drag and drop area for uploading files.



  1. Click Upload/Create and select Upload filesUpload/Create menu open with Upload Files option circled in red.


  2. Select from where you want to upload the file.  In most cases it will be a file from My Computer.Image of Add file options, My compter, Coruse offering files, Shared files


  3. Begin the upload process by either dragging and dropping the file into the drop area or navigate to the file by clicking the Upload button. File upload screen with Upload and Add buttons circled.


  4. Once the file is uploaded (complete file name is in the drop area), click Add.

2. Create: Links

Use the Create a Link option to link students directly to an external web site. 

  1. Locate the URL of the web site and copy the whole address including the http://.
  2. In a Module click Upload/Create.
  3. Select Create a Link. Upload/Create menu open with Create a Link option circled in red.


  4. In Title, enter the text the students will click on to access the link.
  5. In URL, paste the URL of the site.
  6. Check the Open as External Resource box (Recommended, many links will not open in D2L).
  7. Click Create. New link window with Create button circled.

3. Create: A file (webpage)

Use the Create a File option to create an HTML web page in Content.

  1. In a Module, click Upload/Create.
  2. Select Create a File.Image of Upload/Create menu with Create a File circled
  3. Enter a title for the page. This is what students will click on to access the page. HTML page with Title field circled.


  4. Enter the content you would like on the page. Using the buttons across the top, you can format text, as well as add images and insert links to the page. Image of HTML Editor Icons


  5. Check to make sure your page is accessible by using the built-in Accessibility Checker.
  6. Click Save and Close



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