Instructor: Adding Content: Advanced

1. Create: Add existing content

Add items from Manage Files. 

When you upload a file from your computer to create a topic in Content, that file is uploaded to your D2L course files and a link is placed in Content to that file. Likewise, when you create a file (webpage) the page is stored in course files and a link to that file is created in Content. These files are stored in an area called Manage Files. You can create links in different parts of your Content to the same file in Manage Files, so you don't need to upload the same file multiple times.

  1. In a module in Content, click on the Upload/Create button.
  2. Select Add from Manage Files.
  3. On the next screen you will see a file structure for the course. For most people it is just a long list of files. Scroll to the file you want to add to Content and click the checkbox to the left of the file name.
  4. Click the Add button.Manage files tool, with an arrow pointing to the checkbox and the Add button circled.



2. Create: Add course activities

You can add activities (discussions, quizzes, etc) you've already created into your Content modules.

You can also link to External Learning Tools such as Panopto or Zoom to make them easy for students to access.

  1. In a module in Content, click on the Existing Activities button.
  2. Select the type of activity or tool you'd like to link to. Displays existing activity options: Assignments, Chat, Checklist, Discussions, ePortfolio Item, External Learning Tools, Form Templates, Google Drive, OneDrive, Quizzes, Self Assessments, and Surveys.


  3. Select the specific activity or tool to create the link in Content.

3. Copy: Content from another course

You can copy content from any other course where you have Instructor access.

  1. Go to the course you want to copy materials TO, and select Course Admin.
  2. Select Import/Export/Copy Components.Shows Course Admin with the Import/Export/Copy Components link circled in red.


  3. Under the Copy Components from Another Course option, click Search for offering.
  4. Search for and select the course you'd like to copy course materials from. (You can also search all the courses available to you by clicking the magnifying glass.)
  5. Click Add Selected.
  6. Click Select Components.
  7. Select the Content checkbox, then choose whether you want to Copy all items (from the course) or Select individual items to copy. Leave Include associated files checked as it will prevent broken links in your course.
  8. Select Continue.
  9. If selecting individual items, make your desired selections using the checkboxes and select Continue again. Screenshot of the selection options in Copy Components.


  10. Select Finish. Do not leave the page until the copying process is complete.Shows Copy Completed: May 21, 2018 11:23 AM and a checkmark icon.



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