Instructor: Content

Use the Content Tool to structure your course. First, create modules to organize your course. Next, create topics within each module to link to materials and activities and provide a virtual "checklist" for your students to track their completed work.

Anatomy of Content: shows modules, module description, and topics.

If you organize all your course material in Content, students can easily tell that they have completed all their assignments and avoid checking multiple places to find their work. As students progress through Content, and finish activities (quizzes, discussions, etc), they will receive a check mark in Content to show their progress. 

Shows the progress bar and "completed" checkmarks from student view in a module.

The Content help pages are structured into two categories: Essentials and Advanced (see topics listed under Content on the menu to the left). Essential topics are the fundamentals that an instructor needs to know and use to build a basic course structure. Advanced topics go into more depth and detail on the tool, and assume familiarity and understanding of the essential topics.