Instructor: Library Streaming Videos

1. Modify: Library videos in Content

Make library videos placed in your Content visible to students. 

When the library streams a video for your course through Panopto, it creates a webpage in a module called "Library Videos" and places the video there. This allows it to be limited to the people enrolled in your course for that semester. The module will be in Hidden status, so you can choose how and when to allow students to view it. You can either make the whole module Visible or move the video to another visible module in your course.

To make the video module visible:

  1. Click on the module Library Videos in the Content tool.
  2. Click the eye icon (Hidden) link on the right side. Library Videos module with red arrow pointing to the eye icon (Hidden).


  3. Click the toggle switch. The module and its contents will be visible to students immediately. Red arrow pointing to the toggle switch you need to check to make module visible.


To move the video to an existing module:

  1. Click on the dots to the left of the video name and hold down the mouse button or touch pad. Arrow points to the dots for selecting a topic


  2. Drag the video to where you want to move it (note the solid blue line which indicates the location to which the topic or module will be moved). Shows a video in the process of being dragged to a different module, with a red circle around the moving video.


  3. Release mouse button or touch pad. The video is now in its new location.

2. Create: Add library video link

Add a link provided by the library to your Content.

When streaming videos from library databases, the library will send you a direct link to that video. This link is set up to be added directly to a Content module using the Add a Link tool.

  1. In a module click Upload/Create.
  2. Select Create a Link. Upload/Create menu with Create a Link circled
  3. In Title, enter the text the students will click on to access the link, most likely the video name.
  4. In URL, paste the link from the library. Shows example library video link and title


  5. Check the Open as External Resource box.
  6. Click Create. 

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