Instructor: Preparing and Submitting Final Grades

1. Verify: Make sure grade settings are correct in D2L for UAccess import

Check the grade settings that must be selected for a successful import of grades into UAccess.

In order for your grades to successfully import into UAccess Grade Roster from D2L the Grade scheme symbol display option must be enabled in the Class Display options. To check whether this is enabled, do the following:

  1. Click the Settings link in the top right corner of Grades.image of manage grades page with settings link circled


  2. Click the Class Display Options tab.image of available tabs after settings is clicked with class display optons tab circled
  3. Make sure the Grade scheme symbol is checked. Class display options, with Grade scheme symbol selection circled in red.


  4. Click Save.

2. Verify: Final grades (Calculated or Adjusted) for UAccess import

Choose which final grades you will post in UAccess.

Are you satisfied with the final calculated grades, or do you need to make manual adjustments to them? The following settings depend on your answer.

  1. Click the Calculations Options tab.Image of grade settings page with the Calculation options tab circled
  2. Under Final Grades Released, select which grades you want to send to UAccess:
    1. Calculated Final Grade (no changes needed)Calculated Final Grade option.
    2. Adjusted Final Grade (you need to make manual adjustments, such as applying a curve) Adjusted Final Grade option.


  3. Click Save.

3. Transfer: Final calculated grade to the final adjusted grade (optional)

Move the final calculated grade to the final adjusted grade column IF you need to make adjustments to grades.

When importing grades into UAccess the grade pulled from D2L is the grade in the Final Adjusted Grade column if you selected Final Adjusted Grade in the Final Grade Released section of calculation options (see section 2 above).

  1. Click Grades.
  2. Click the context menu (inverted triangle) to the right of the Final Calculated Grade. 
  3. Select Enter GradesContext menu open for Final Calculated Grade - Enter Grades option circled in red.


  4. From the context menu to the right of Final Grades select Transfer All (click on the small  inverted triangle to see the menu).Image of context menu of Final Grades with Transfer All selected
  5. Click Yes on the confirmation window that opens.
  6. If any adjustments to students' grades need to be made, do this in the Final Adjusted Grade column.
  7. Click Save and Close

4. Release: The final grade for students to view (optional)

Make final grades visible to students in D2L.

Final grades, whether calculated or adjusted, are not visible to students unless "released" by the instructor. Instructors must release one or the other for students to be able to see it when they check grades.

It is not required to release final grades as it will be imported into UAccess whether it is released to the student or not.

  1. In Grades, click the Settings link in the top, right corner in Manage Grades.
  2. Click the Calculation Options tab.
  3. In the Final Grades Released section, select Adjusted Final Grade (if you made changes in the previous section), or Calculated Final Grade (no changes made).
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. Click the Close button
  6. Locate the Final Calculated Grade item and click on the context menu to its right (inverted triangle).Context menu open for Final Calculated Grade - Enter Grades option circled in red.
  7. Select Enter Grades.
  8. At the top left of the screen, click on the context menu to the right of Final Grades (inverted triangle) and select Release All.Colntext Menu of Final Grades page with Release all circled
  9. Click Save and Close.

5. Import: Grades from your D2L course site into UAccess

Transfer and post final grades from D2L into UAccess Instructor Center.

Final grades are only official once they have been imported into UAccess.  The import is completed from the instructor center in UAccess.

  1. Go to
  2. Under Students, click Instructor CenterUAccess login screen with Instructor Center circled in red.


  3. Make sure that you are looking at the current term's schedule. If you are not, click the Change Term button to select the correct term.Image of Instructor center main page with the change term button circled


  4. Click the Grade Roster icon to the left of the course/section you'd like to import grades to.

    Note: The Registrar determines when the Grade Roster icon will appear. Contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions.

    image of list of classes in instructor center with grade roster icon circled
  5. Click the Import Grades from D2L button.image of class list in grade roster with the import grades from D2L circled


  6. Review the letter grades that have been imported from your D2L grade book's Final Adjusted Grade column. Pay particular attention to any scores that may have been adjusted through a D2L grade scheme or by hand.
  7. If there are any students in your course that are receiving a grade of E, you must use the Student Attendance drop down menu to select how each student attended the course. If you select Stopped Attending After, you must then also enter the Last Date Attended.image of the conterxt menu for a student who needs more information due to receiving an E in the course,
  8. If there are any students in your course that have an Honors Contract, you may be required to enter a requirement designation grade. This is done using the drop down menu in the Roster RD Grade column. Note that this drop down menu will not be visible to you until you have entered a grade for that student.
  9. Once you are satisfied with your Final Grades in Grade Roster, use the Approval Status drop down menu located near the top of the screen to select Approved.image of apporoval status dropdown menu with Approved circuled
  10. After the status has been changed to Approved, a Post button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the Post button to submit your students' official grades.image of grade roster with the Post button at the bottom of the page circled


  11. If you need to change a student's grade after posting official grades, click the Request Grade Change link located just under the Approval Status drop down menu. Any changes made using this link are immediately visible to students.

NOTE:  For more detailed help in posting grades in UAccess, visit the Registrar's help page for the Instructor Center.  


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