Instructor: Switch Navbars

1. Control: Use navbars to manage student access

Student access to course materials is controlled by links in the navigation bar

Courses are automatically activated 1 week prior to the official first day of class. If you wish to control student access to course materials after the course is activated, switch the navbar to the "Preparing Course Navbar".

Student View :

The "Preparing Course Navbar" contains no links to content or any activities in the course. Students only have access to the course homepage which contains announcements and the calendar. A single link in the navbar links them to a page that explains that the course content is not ready yet and that when it is ready, they will be able to navigate the course.


screenshot of course homepage with the only availalbe linke "Where are the Navigation Links" circled and the announmcnet widget circled.


Instructor View

Instructors see 4 links, the course home, a link that goes to this help page, a link  reminding instructors how to switch the navbar back when the course is ready for student access, and the link Course Admin, that allows instructors to access all the D2L tools. Course Admin provides access to all the tools to build, edit, and manage content, quizzes, assignments, discussions etc. By using these links, instructors can build and update their courses while students only have access to the home page of the course.


screenshot of instructor view of course homepage with the Updating Course navbar in place.   Two links circled in the navbbar Don't forget to switch your navbar and Course Admin

2. Switch: Change navbar to the Preparing Course Navbar

Limit student access to only the course homepage

  1. Hover over the navbar and click on the Actions for navbar box on the right (box with 3 white dots).screnshot of navbar Actions for Navbar button selected


  2. Select Manage All Course Navbars.Actions fopr Navbar menu options, Manage All course navbars circled  


  3. From the Active Navbar dropdown, select the B - Preparing Course Navbar.

    screenshot of list of available navbars from Active Navbar dropdown, B- Preparing Course Navbar selected, Apply button circled

  4. Select Apply to save your changes. You may need to refresh your page to see the new navbar.
  5. Post an announcement telling students when they can expect full access to the course.
  6. When the course is ready/updated, follow the same steps but select either the Default Navbar or another that you would like to use for the course.