Instructor: Using GradeMark

1. Enable: GradeMark for Assignment Submission Folder

GradeMark allows you to mark up a participants submission with comments and grades.

  1. Select Evaluation & Feedback.
  2. Select Manage TurnitinRed square around the Manage Turnitin link.


  3. Select Enable GradeMark® for this folderShows Enable GradeMark with the checkbox selected.


  4. (Optional) Select Enable Originality Check® for this folder to turn on the originality report.
  5. Select Save when finished.

2. Assess: Provide Feedback Using GradeMark

How to get to GradeMark in Assignments. 

  1. Click the name of the submission folder you'd like to access GradeMark for.
  2. Find a participant you'd like to view GradeMark for and click the Originality Report icon to the right of their file submission. Screenshot of assignment folder with Originality Report link circled.


  3. Once you are in the Feedback Studio, click anywhere on the document to make a comment.  You can enter a QuickMark, Comment or Inline text directly on the document.
  4. Click the Score box in the top, right corner of the screen to enter a score for the participant. Screenshot of the Feedback Studio with Score circled.


  5. All changes are saved automatically.

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