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***Announcement for Fall 2023 Semester***

  • Beginning in the Spring 2024 semester, there will be an enterprise polling solution for use on campus. This means that it will no longer require out-of-pocket costs to students for participating in the campus supported polling solution in their course(s). Because of this, we do not want students to purchase more than is necessary to get them through the Fall 2023 semester. 

  • We recommend students only purchase a 1-Term Subscription license for PointSolutions for the Fall 2023 semester. 

  • We also do NOT recommend students purchase a physical clicker device from the UA Bookstore or through any online store as support for physical clicker devices on campus will end after the Fall 2023 semester. With the purchase of a 1 term subscription license, students can respond to polls either via the free PointSolutions mobile app, or any web-enabled device at

Click on the buttons below to learn how to use the different polling options that are available. 

PointSolutions Desktop - A software download and installation that runs on your desktop. You have the most amount of flexibility and usage with the desktop application. 

PointSolutions Web - A completely web-based solution, no software or install required. Limited with types of polls you can create. A streamlined user interface makes it easier and quicker to create and poll participants. 

TurningPoint Desktop Button    TurningPoint Web Button



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