Instructors: Course Homepages

1. Edit: Rename your course site

Rename your course.

You can rename your D2L course site using the following steps:

  1. Select Course Admin in the navbar.navgar course admin


  2. Select Course Offering Information.Course Offering Information link


  3. Enter the new name for the course site in the Course Offering Name field.
  4. Select Save.

2. Edit: Add or remove links from the navbar

Edit the navbar so just the links you use are present.

The navbar can be edited at any time and doesn't have to be "set" prior to the start of a course.

  1. Hover over the navbar and select the menu to the right (box with three dots).
  2. Select Customize This Navbar.image of edit nav bar dropdown menu with Customize this navbar circled
  3. If the dialog box appears asking "Create a Copy?" select Yes! I'll work with a copy of the navbar button.  If this box does not appear continue with the next steps.image of dialogue box asking if a copy should be made with yes circled


  4. Edit the Name of the navbar.
  5. To remove links on the navbar: hover over the link you want to remove and click the X.image of edit navgar page with x on a link circcled to remove the link from navbar
  6. To change the order of the links, click a link and drag it to a different position on the navbar.

    imgage of edit navbar page with a link being dragged from one postions to another.


  7. To add a link to the navbar: click the Add Links button, select the link you wish to add from the list, and click the Add button.image of edit nav bar page with add links button circledimage of list of available links with the Groups link checked and the add button circled


  8. Click Save and Close to save the changes to your navbar.

3. Add: Banner image to your course homepage

Add the course tile image (My Home Page) as a banner on your course homepage.

  1. Hover over the tile image of the course on your D2L home page (where the course tiles are listed).
  2. Select the menu (box with three dots).
  3. Select Course Offering Information.Image of context menu of a course tile with Course Offering Information circled


  4. Scroll down to the section that says Homepage Banner.
  5. Select the checkbox "Display the image in a banner on the course homepage".Image of course offerinf information page with display image as banner checkbox circled


  6. Click Save.

4. Change: Remove or select a different image for your course banner

You can remove or change the randomly selected course image to better represent the course.

Option I:  Remove the banner or select a new one from the existing bank of images

  1. Select the dropdown settings menu on the far right of the image (box with three dots).
  2. To remove the banner altogether, select Remove this Banner.
  3. To change the image, select Change Image.image of course home page banner with banner dropdown menu open and options circled
  4. After selecting Change Image, find an image from the image bank by entering a search term and clicking the search icon.image of search box for searching for images in the image bank, search icon circled


  5. Select Use this Image button on the banner you would like to use.image of results of search for new course banner with a image selected and circled


Option II: Upload a banner from your computer

  1. Select the dropdown settings menu on the far right of the image (box with three dots).
  2. Click Change Image.image of course home page banner with banner dropdown menu open and options circled
  3. Click Upload.image of change image page with Upload circled
  4. On the next page scroll down to the Course Image section and click the Browse button.

    Note: The recommended image size is 2400 x 900 pixels.

  5. Select My Computer.Image Of Add a File dialogue box with My Computer selected
  6. Click Upload (or drag and drop an image into the box and skip to step 9).
  7. Select the image on your computer.
  8. Click Open.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Click Save.

5. Post: Place an announcement on your course homepage

Steps to put an announcement on your homepage.

These steps explain how to quickly place an announcement on your homepage. More detail about using announcements is located on the Announcements help page.

  1. Select the actions for announcements dropdown menu (inverted chevron).
  2. Select New Announcement.Image of course home page with the announcment dropdown menu open and New announcment circled.


  3. Enter a title for the announcement in the Headline box.
  4. Enter the announcement text in the Content box. You can format text, add links and add images using the html editor. 
  5. Click Publish to post the announcement.image of the new announcement screen with the headline box, content box and publishe button circled



6. Access: Add, move, or remove a widget on the course homepage

Steps to edit an existing homepage.

Each course homepage is made up of the navbar, the banner (optional), and widgets. You can add, move, and remove widgets on the home page to customize it. The first four steps are needed to edit any homepage. When you have completed all desired edits, check step 3 under To remove a widget at the bottom of this page.

  1. Go to the Course Admin and select HomepagesList olf links in Course Admin Homepages cirecled


  2. The active homepage is marked as default to the right. If the name of the homepage is clickable (blue text), click on it and skip to step 4. If not clickable (grey text), select the actions (inverted chevron) to the right of the homepage title. Select Copy to make a copy of the homepage. image of context menu of a homepage with the copy option circled
  3. Click on the copy of the homepage (Same name as the homepage you made a copy of with - Copy appended.image of a copied home page title with word copy appended
  4. Edit the course name to your desired title.

Steps to add a widget.

  1. Click the Add Widget button in the column where you want to add the widget.Image of edit homepage options with Name and Add widgets button circled
  2. Select the widget you want to add by checking the box to the left of it and clicking the Add button.List of available widgets with the selected one circled and the Add button circled


Steps to move a widget.

  1. To move a widget, hover over the widget you want to move until 8 small dots appear at the left edge Dots on left for "Select or move Announcements" widget


  2. With your cursor, drag the widget to your desired location anywhere on the homepage. The bar that appears above other widgets lets you know where it will insert. Bar over widget indicating new placement of moved widget


Steps to remove a widget.

  1. To remove a widget hover over the widget and click the X at the top right. Image of Edit homepage screen with a widget  with the x in at the top right cirecled
  2. Click the Save and Close button.
  3. If you made a copy of the homepage, activate the homepage by clicking on the Active Homepage dropdown menu at the top of available homepages, selecting your new homepage, and clicking the Apply button.Image of Active homepage menu with  a homepage circled and the apply button circled.

7. Add: Custom international clock widgets

Add international clock widgets to your homepage to show the time in selected countries.

Note: Click this link to the help page for how to display time (User Settings>Section 3 "Account Settings">Local & Language).

  1. Follow the steps in Section 6 above for adding a widget to a homepage.
  2. At Step 2 for "Add a widget", select Custom Widget.Image of red circle around custom widget on the left


  3. Scroll down and select the clock widget/s that you need.List of time zones according to country

Note: If you do not see the country you need represented, contact the D2L Consulting Team.


8. Add/Remove: Microsoft Teams widget for class communication

 By default, the Microsoft Teams widget in on all course home pages.

Note: The Teams widget is a way for you to provide a chat environment for your class. It is not a channel to contact D2L Help. Please use the regular email, phone and Zoom channels instead.

Add Teams to your course My Home page:
  1. Follow the steps in Section 6 above for adding a widget to a homepage.
  2. At Step 2 for "Add a widget", select System Widget.Image with System Widget on the top right


  3. Scroll down and select the Microsoft Teams widget. Image showing Microsoft Teams widget toward the bottom left
  4. See the steps in Section 6 above for "move a widget" if you have questions about how to arrange the widget on your homepage. 
  5. Click Edit Settings if you would like to enable learners to create new private channels for communication. image of Microsoft Teams widget with button for "Open Your Team"
  6. Click Open Your Team if you are ready to start inviting members (using Add member), then you can begin using Teams.

To remove the Teams app, follow the steps to Remove a Widget in Section 6 of this Help Page.

Note: For help with the Teams app, please contact 24/7 IT Support.


9. Create: Custom widgets

Create a custom widget for your course homepage.

Note: Each widget is essentially a mini-webpage with its own HTML Editor at the top.


  1. Go to Course Admin and select WidgetsCourse Admin screen with Widgets link circled in red.


  2. Select Create Widget.  Widgets screen with Create Widget button circled in red.
  3. Give the widget a Name.
  4. Click ContentEdit Widget screen with the Content tab circled in red.


  5. In the HTML Editor, add what you want to the widget - this can include text, video, images, and links. 
  6. Click Save and Close. For instructions on how to add your new custom widget to a home page, see Section #6 of this Help Page.


10. Edit: Custom widgets

Edit an existing widget for your course home page.

Note: you can only edit custom widgets, not system widgets created by D2L.

  1. Go to Course Admin and select Widgets.Course Admin screen with Widgets link circled in red.
  2. Click the pencil icon (Edit) next to the widget you want to edit.Widgets screen with a red arrow pointing to the pencil icon (Edit) next to a widget.


  3. Click Content.Edit Widget screen with the Content tab circled in red.
  4. Make desired changes.
  5. Click Save and Close.

11. Create: Design your own homepage

Steps to create a new course homepage.

Each course homepage is made up of the navbar, the banner (optional), and widgets. You can create a custom homepage with your own widgets and layout.

  1. Go to Course Admin and select HomepagesCircled Homepages option in Course Admin.


  2. Select Create HomepageCreate Homepage button circled.


  3. Give the homepage a Name.
  4. If you want to update the layout, select Change Layout and pick one of the options. Click Update.
  5. Add Widgets to the different panels below. You can adjust their position at any time, by clicking and dragging from one panel to another. Arrows pointing to the Add Widgets buttons.


  6. Save and Close.
  7. To use the new homepage, select it from the dropdown beneath Active Homepage, and click ApplyDropdown menu to apply new homepage.



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