Instructors: My Home page

1. Manage: Course list in My Courses

Organize the list of courses on your D2L homepage by semester or term.

  1. Select the semester you wish to view, located under My Courses (use arrows to find older semesters). Circled filter options.


  2. Only the courses in that semester will be visible on your homepage.

2. Find: Courses not included in the 12 courses in My Courses

Search for courses that you are enrolled in but are not visible on the D2L homepage.

  1. At the bottom of the visible list of courses click on the View All Courses link.Image of bottom of list of courses on My Home page with the link View All Courses circled


  2. Use the Filter link to open the filter options.
  3. Use the Term, Department  and Roles options to create a filter.Image of All courses screenwith the filter opened up,term, department and Roles circled


  4. Alternatively, use the Find a course search box to enter a course name to locate it.
  5. Once located, you can pin the course to your My Courses widget using the instructions in Manage: Course list in My Courses, above.

3. Edit: Add information to your profile

Add an image and other information to your profile.

  1. Click your Personal Menu, located at the top of your D2L My Home screen, and select Profile.image of personal menu dropdown wil profiel circled


  2. Enter any information you'd like to share about yourself.
  3. To add a Profile Picture click on the Change Picture button
  4. Click on My Computer.
  5. Drag and drop a an image into the box then skip to step 9 below.
  6. Click Upload  and locate an image on your computer
  7. Click Open.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Click Save and Close.

4. Manage: Notifications via email or text

Control if or how you receive notifications about activity in your courses.

You can only set your own notifications.  You cannot set notifications for all the students in your class.  Each student must set her own notifications.

  1. Click your Personal Menu, located at the top of your D2L My Home screen, and select Notifications.image olf personal menu drop down with notifications circled
  2. Click on Register your mobile fill out the form if you want to receive notifications via text and fill out the form.
  3. In the Instant Notifications section, check the boxes to the right of each activity in the list for which you want notifications.screenshot of Instant notifications section with boxes checked next to a few items


  4. Click Save

5. Verify: Check and set the time zone D2L will use

By setting the correct time zone, D2L will appropriately display due dates according to your time zone.

  1. Click your Personal Menu, located at the top of your D2L My Home screen, and select Account Settings.screen shot of persona menu dropdown with Account Settings circled


  2. Scroll down to Time Zone
  3. Make the correct selections for your time zone.image of time zone section of settings with continent and time zone circled


  4. Click Save and Close

6. Manage: Find and pin your courses

The course selector allows you to search for, and pin any of your course sites for quick access.

  1. Click the Course Selector icon in the main navbar. Circled icon for the Course Selector.


  2. Either search for your course name, or scroll the list to find it. You can pin courses to the top of this list for easy access using the Pin icon to the right of the course name. 

    Displays Course Selector search box and pin icon (both circled).


  3. Select the course name to open the course site.

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